Importer and distributor of chemical raw materials


Type of shares

Number of shares

Nominal value of shares

Company capital

Share in company capital

Share in total number of votes at General Meeting

 Jacek Baran

ordinary bearer shares


0.10 zł 

67.000 zł 



 Waldemar Gola

ordinary bearer shares


0.10 zł

33.000 zł 






 100.000 PLN



Jacek Baran – President of Board

Originator and co-founder of the limited liability company created in 2002, acting as Chemical Worldwide Business. Graduate of the University of Warsaw – Faculty of Economical Sciences in 1991, M. Sc. of economy. Graduate of Canadian International Management Institute (Management 2004 programme). In 2009 he has finished the one-year programme Academy of Strategic leadership, organized by ICAN Institute in Warsaw.

In years 1992 – 1999 worked in PPH “Konimpex” Sp. z o.o. company, specialized in the foreign trade. He had the possibility of participating in development of one of the biggest trade companies in Poland, being promoted from the foreign trade specialist to the General Vice-Director. In 1999 he has taken the position of the General Director in Konimpex Bis Sp. z o.o. company, held to 2001. In March 2002 he has started working in the production company GTX Hanex Plastic Sp. z o.o. as the Managing Director.

In May 2002 he has made a decision of creating the Chemical Worldwide Business company, in which he is the majority shareholder and the President of Board. He successfully manages the company, transforms it into the joint stock company and continues work at the assigned position, consequently developing the company position among the biggest distributors of the chemical raw materials.

Waldemar Gola – Vice-President of Board

Graduate of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń – faculty of mathematics, physics and chemistry in 1988. In order to expand his professional qualifications he has finished the postgraduate studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń – faculty of economical sciences and management in range of financial management and marketing. Moreover he has gained knowledge in range of Quality Management Systems. In years 1987 – 1993 worked in the vocational school of food industry; since 1993 worked as the leading process engineer in the Rubber Industry Factory STOMIL in Grudziądz; at the turn of 1995/1996 he has realized the tasks of the leading process engineer in the Rubber Products Factory HEWEa Sp. z o.o. Up to 2001 worked as the Marketing and Development Director in the Rubber Shoes factory ROFIS Sp. z o.o. Currently the Vice-President of Board in Chemical Worldwide Business S.A.

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