Importer and distributor of chemical raw materials

The decree of the European Parliament and Council, commonly called REACH, regulates the principles of safe use of chemicals through their registration and assessment of influencing the people and environment. The regulations of REACH actually cover all chemical products, but many of them are excluded from some or almost all regulations. The list of chemicals excluded from the registration may be found at

CWB has used the transient periods and initially registered all imported raw materials requiring it – appropriate list has been submitted in the 1st of December 2008 to the National District Sanitary Inspector in Słupca.

To 01.12.2010 we have performed full registration for the substances: – CMR cat. 1 and 2 in amount of at least 1 ton/year – dangerous for environment with assigned phrase R50/53 in amount of 100 tons/year – and remaining substances in amount of at least 1000 tons/year. In 01.06.2013 the date for registering the substances introduced to or produced in EU in amount over 100 tons has passed.

According to art. 28 section 6 of REACH the potential registering party which produces/imports the introduced substance in amount of at least 1 ton per year for the first time since the 1st of December 2008 may still perform the initial registration and use the transient periods specified in art. 23 under the condition of submitting the appropriate information specified in art. 28 section 1 to the Agency, not later than 6 months from the date of the first production/import in amount of at least 1 ton per year and not later than 12 months before the expiry of appropriate transient period specified in art. 23.

In 01.06.2018 the date of registering of substances introduced in amount of above 1 ton per year will pass.

The numbers of the initial or final registration by CWB or its suppliers are specified in the Material Safety Data Sheets for the individual raw materials.

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